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Thomas W.

Computer Science Student and Freelance Developer

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Systems Administrator
crystal hollows logo
CrystalHollows DupeChecker

A quick dupe checker for Hypixel Skyblock.

Tells you when an item on AH or in an inventory is duped, based on the item data!

Learn more on GitHub!
tem icon logo
The Exotics Mod

Tracks all items on Hypixel Skyblock.

Searchable armour in certain dyes, as well as tracking item owner history for all 20m+ items and 12m+ players!

Learn more on GitHub!
go snipe logo

Tool to search the Hypixel API and alert you when a player logs in. Written in Go, using Fyne GUI. Pushes notifications to a Discord webhook or shows in GUI.

Learn more on GitHub!

mc positional logo
Minecraft - Positional Audio

Server-side-only positional audio system that interacts with Discord to enable 3D voice chat without requiring clients to install any mods.

Built for Spigot.

Learn more on GitHub!
utils logo

A multi-purpose bot for Discord servers.

Transcript features, message logging etc to see messages in context.

Hypixel and Discord server statistics, games, music, text-to-speech, and more!

Learn more on GitHub!
udmx logo
uDMX Lighting Controller

GUI to control Theatre Lights via a uDMX bus.

Allows for more customisable presets, clear labelling built-in, and expandability to include custom routines.

Learn more on GitHub!